Plug-In Example: A simple window extraction of polygons

This is a very simple plug-in example (on Windows) that shows a developer how to define a rectangular window on screen and then extract all of the polygons and boundaries that cross that window.

How It Works

    The user opens a GDSII or OASIS file

    The user sets the structure to view (usually the top structure)

    The user turns on any layers that data should be extracted from.

    the plug-in is started

    the user specifies a window (on screen using the mouse)

    The user selects an output file name

    The users clicks OK and the resulting polygons are written to a disk file

A flash video of this process can be seen here

Download the Binary (.dll)

polygon.dll     24KB

If you want to install the polygon.dll plug-in create a directory under the /wcad/qckvu3/plugin directory called polygon and place the polygon.dll there. When you start up Qckvu3 you will see the polygon in the Tool pull down menu.

Download the Source Code     19KB - contains .cpp, .h and other files for Microsoft Visual 6