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Revision History

This page summarizes the changes, enhancements and fixes to the Qckvu3 Extract with Hierarchy Plug-In.

v3.01 [5/10/2016]

Software Updates

Fixed a crash caused by output file paths longer than 150 characters.
Re-design of the engine to support a job based execution model to accommodate a wide range of execution control by the client

v1.04a Windows 64bit [12/23/2014]

Licensing Problem

Fixed a bug where extraction fails if there is only one (floating) license available.

v1.03 Windows 64bit [11/12/2014]

Hextract Windows 64 bit

This is the first 64 bit version of Hextract. It is compatible with Qckvu3 64 bit 3.51 and up.

v1.02b Windows [11/8/2013]

Qckvu 3.46

This version is compatible with Qckvu 3.46 and up.

v1.04 [10/25/2009]

New Help

The dialog now supports the help system which launches web pages on click of the button 'Help'.

v1.03 [10/18/2009]

Compatible with Qckvu3 3.33

Compatible with Qckvu3 v3.31. No changes otherwise.

v1.02 [10/05/2009]

GDSII Hierarchy Extraction Service

Fixed a bug which oasis files were not extracted correctly. Now, the extractor can be used to extract GDSII, OASIS and OA files.

v1.01 [09/28/2009]

Update release

GDSII Hierarchy Extractor Dialog and GDSII Hierarchy Extraction Service were built to work with Qckvu3 3.31.

v1.00 [09/19/2009]

Initial Release

This is the initial release of the Hierarchical Extract on 64 bit Linux OS. It allows Qckvu3 users to export with hierarchy a user defined window. Supported output are DXF and GDSII.


Flexlm licensing is included. Note that the license strings must be added to Qckvu3's license strings as the plug-in gets it license through Qckvu3 and not directly.