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Revision History

This page summarizes the changes, enhancements and fixes to the Qckvu3 Geometry Walker Plug-In.

v1.02 [10/25/2009]

This release is compatible with Qckvu3 v3.33

v1.01 [10/9/2009]

GUI Changes

This has some GUI changes (stretch the list if dialog is stretched).

Re-read file

Software re-reads the input file if a new Qckvu file is opened.

v1.00 [06/12/2009]

Initial Release

This is the initial release of the Geometry Walker on 64 bit Linux OS and has been tested with Qckvu 3.20


Licensing is included. Product ID = 4600 Note that the license strings must be added to Qckvu3's license strings as the plug-in gets it license through Qkcvu3 and not directly.

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