Plotting module not activated

In some cases customers reported license problem when trying to plot from Qckvu.


Plotting form Qckvu requires Xgdsplot license...

What we recommend is
1. Make sure you have a license for plotting.

2. In case of a floating license, set the IP address (instead of the hostname) for the $LM_LICENSE_FILE variable.

3. If license is available, check if there is a file called qckplot.lic in the directory where you start up Qckvu. If so, see if you can delete it. If you can't delete it, you have a permission problem you need to fix.
Also make sure you can create a file in that same "startup directory".
In general, you need to have write permission to the directory where you start Qckvu. Check your permission state, clean up any left over qckplot.lic, and try to run Qckvu and do a plot again.
If the above does not help, go to the same startup directory and run this manually:
/bin/liseater 3525 -f junk.txt
Check the contents of the text file junk.txt. We expect it to have a number. If the file has a number, run /liseater -r to clean up.