Displaying Qckvu on Exceed 7.0 PC Xserver

QCKVU UNIX can be displayed on a PC using Exceed PC Xserver.

There are a few things you should be aware of when doing that.


The performance of Qckvu is identical when it is displaying on Windows via Exceed Xserver rather than on the local display.

Screen Resolution

Recommended screen resolution on a Windows display is 1024x768 or higher. Though, 800x600 will work with the viewing area being a little small.

Known Problems and Fixes

Problem: Qckvu is launched and a GDS file is selected, scanned and loaded. Then the progress says "Drawing..." and nothing is drawn, the viewing area of Qckvu is blank.
1. Resize the Qckvu window, click on "Home View" then do a redraw.
Exceed fails to allow Qckvu to get the screen resolution at start up, so Qckvu doesn't know the valid area to draw onto.
Manually resize Qckvu solves the problem.
2. Another work around is to turn on "Fit Window to Display" in Exceed. Doing this can avoid having to resize Qckvu everytime.
Go to Start/Programs/Hummingbird/Exceed and run Xconfig.
Run Screen Definition.
Select the corresponding "Screen #" page.
Check "Fit Window to Display" in the Window Manager section.
Exit Exceed and start it back up.
Run Qckvu.

Problem: When Qckvu is minimized and restored, it does a redraw. Backing store in Exceed has already been set to Always/When Mapped.
Solution:When restored, Exceed sends Qckvu a resize event, so the picture is redrawn. This only happens once - the first time Qckvu is restored. To avoid this redraw, manually resize Qckvu.

Problem:In fill mode, Qckvu suddenly stops drawing and hangs. Qckvu has to be killed in the Windows task manager and Exceed is killed also.
Solution: Turn on Backing Store in Exceed.
Go to Start/Programs/Hummingbird/Exceed and run Xconfig.
Run Performance.
Select "Always" for "Maximum Backing Store".
Exit Exceed Xserver and start it back up.
Run Qckvu.