Qckvu command line options.

This web pages describes the different command line options available with Qckvu.

By default, qckvu first looks for colfill.pat, gdsplot.map and plot.cfg in the startup directory.
If they don't exist, it will use the default files that are in the qckvu/bin installation directory.
But the user can also specify a different map file from the command line as explained below.

$ qckvu -h

Qckvu v2.73 (April 26, 2007) (32 Bit)
Copyright  2000-2007 Artwork Conversion Software, Inc.
(831)426-6163  info@artwork.com  www.artwork.com

usage is:

qckvu [gdsfile] [options]

 gdsfile             GDSII stream file to view.
 -struct:sname       sname is the name of the structure to view.
 -map:mapfile        mapfile is the layer settings map file.
                     default is gdsplot.map in start up directory.
 -script:scriptfile  Qckvu runs this scriptfile at start up.
 -net                turn on Info Net Mode and View Net if file is a net file.
 -port portnumber    port number is the port for IPC communication with Calibre-RVE.
 -ip ipadd           IP adress to start IPC communication with Calibre-RVE.

For example, the following command line will load demo5.gds with the map file demo5.map

../bin/qckvu demo5.gds -map:demo5.map