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Command Interface for Qckvu

DRC to Qckvu


Many of our customers have asked us for a way to use Qckvu together with the output from a DRC program - they'd like to combine the speed of Qckvu with the ability to jump from error to error to quickly have a look at the errors reported by the DRC.

We agree that this would be an excellent function and are working on making this possible. As a first step, we are adding to Qckvu the ability to read an ascii file containing a list of commands.


The commands are not specific to any DRC ascii instructions or data - these are basic commands to open a file, select a structure, select layers and to zoom or pan.

Each DRC program has its own output syntax and we expect to write (or help you write) a simple translator that will convert the DRC's output into a series of display commands for Qckvu.

Qckvu Command File this is an ordinary ASCII file. You select it from Qckvu's pulldown menu and load it. Once loaded you can start the script with the F5 key and pause it with the Shift F5 key.

Qckvu's Script Pull Down

Command Syntax - Every command begins with the line:


where number is the command number which must be incremented. The commands are numbered so that later we can implement the ability to start in the middle of a script or to step backwards.

Every command ends with

EOC #.

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