TIFF2MEBES/TIFF2GDS Revision History

Rev 3.00 09-27-2021

64 bit version VS2015

Rebuilt as a 64 bit application using Microsoft VS2015. Previous versions were 32 bit using MS VS2008.

Signed Installer

Install program for this version is "signed" by Artwork which should remove warnings generated by Windows 10/11 when attempting to execute the install program.

Control of Max Points Per Boundary

Added "-maxpts: <number>" as a command line option. This will set the max number of points for an unionized boundary.

-silent argument

Added "-silent" as a command line option. This turns on silent mode so that no data is sent to the standard IO or screen during the conversion.

Added Boolean Arguments

Added "-boolargs <space delimited arguments for boolw>" as a flag. This flag must be the last option passed. All arguments beyond "-boolargs" will be passed to "Boolw64f.exe" as arguments.

Thread Number Option

The option "-thrnum:<number>" now passes the declared thread number to other processes being called instead of using their default behavior.

Log File Behavior

The option "-log:<filename>" now appends all log files from an execution into the same log. Before there were some extra log files being created separate from the declared one.

Fail to Unionize Bug Fix

Fixed a bug where unionization sometimes didn't occur with GDS output, regardless of the "-union" flag being used.

GUI Changes

Added control fields for the newly added options.

Added an "Advanced" field. The string in this field will be used as a space delimited list of argument(s) that will be passed to "Boolw64f.exe" using "-boolargs".

Added a control field called Max Allowed Size which sets the value of "-max_allowed_size:".

Rev 2.11 02-10-2016

Improved TIFF Header Processing

Adding routines for better processing of TIFF files that were missing expected fields in the header. Previously such files would not load or would display incorrectly.

Rev 2.08 10-21-2015

New Licensing

This version has the new Flex node locked licensing.


Fixes IPPOS* issue for Gerber output.

Rev 2.06 09-3-2015

Bug with LZW TIFF files

Bug fixes for LZW compressed TIFF files. For certain multi-row per stripe files with nonzero predictor value, proper reinitialization of row data was not being performed. This has been corrected with this release.

64 Bit for large file support

64 bit versions of the core engines and their supporting DLLs have been included with this release. This includes:

The shell will pick the 64 bit version on the appropriate platform.
The largest advantage is support for large uncompressed data.

Rev 2.04 06-25-2015

Software Update

A bug was introduced in v2.03 (because of the Microsoft Windows VS 2008 build) in the reading of LZW compressed TIFF. This has been corrected with this release.

Rev 2.03 06-22-2015

Software Updates

This release fixes the problem where the last byte in a BMP file is dropped.
Allows the user to set non-integer values of DPI.
Product was brought up to date since the last 2009 release:

  • primary modules were built using VS 2008
  • make use of latest installer

  • Rev 1.44 07-15-2009

    RGB Indexed Color, and Greyscale TIFF support

    This version now supports RGB, Indexed Color, and Greyscale TIFF including LZW and no compression. In addition, the -union command line option creates more optimal (merges most touching scan lines into a single boundary) GDSII output.

    Gerber Output

    Tiff2mebes can now export Gerber RS274X output.

    Options saved to registry

    Selected options and input/output directories are saved into the registry.

    View options

    Input and output file can now be viewed.

    Rev 1.34 Windows 10-23-2008

    BMP Detection by GUI

    The Dialog has been fixed. It can now accept BMP files that starts with 'BM'. The file selection can also filter BMP files now. The engine did not change. It is still v1.33

    Rev 1.34 Solaris/Linux 07-17-2008

    Tiff compression 5

    We upgraded our software to support Tiff compression version 5.

    Rev 1.33 Windows 07-1-2008

    Color bitmap file

    Our TIFF and BMP reader now supports a black and white image that is defined in a color file.

    Rev 1.31 Windows 05-16-2008

    Access violations

    A pervasive coding error that could potentially lead to out of program data space errors (access violations) was fixed. This manifests itself in the new output as padding in MEBES contain "0"s, not garbage

    Data crosses stripe boundaries

    Previously data could cross stripe boundaries - now data that crosses a stripe boundary is broken up into the necessary number of pieces and appears in the correct stripe definition.

    Data loss due to insufficient memory

    Tiff2mebes is now reporting data loss, which caused due to insufficient memory.

    Data loss due to file size

    Data loss due to file size limitations of MEBES IV now detected and reported - before it was not reported. now the user is prompted to use a larger grid or MEBES V.

    Open or nested stripes

    Open or nested stripes are now not created - previously they were created.

    Empty segments

    Empty segments, ie. segments that contain no drawable data are not created, entries for those segments in the segment directory now have the offset "0". Empty segments are illegal in MEBES IV and V..

    USB licensing

    Tiff2mebes now supports USB licensing

    Date code

    The date code format is now correct for MEBES V.

    Rev 1.30 Windows 05-12-2008

    Polarity Problem

    Tiff2mebes generated the wrong polarity unexpectedly. This has been fixed.

    Rev 1.20a Linux 09-20-2007

    Library problem

    Tiff2mebes was crashing when libcxa.so.3 was missing. This had been fixed.

    Rev 1.20 Linux 03-30-2007

    Tiff to MEBES problem on Linux

    Tiff2mebes created a bad MEBES output on Linux. This had been fixed.

    Rev 1.17 Windows 05-31-2005

    Tiff to Tiff snapping issue

    Fixed a problem reported by Kovio in the Tiff2Tiff conversion when scaling down a file from 25400DPI to 3175.

    Rev 1.05 03-23-03

    Support for output files over 2GB

    More than 4 Gigabytes GDS/MEBES output supported.

    Pixel / Stripe

    In tiff2mebes v1.03/v1.04 (Unix/Windows), when the pixel height specified is larger than stripe height, the MEBES output wouldn't be correct. This has been fixed.

    Rounding problem

    In tiff2mebes v1.03/v1.04(Unix/Windows), GDS output had rounding problems causing GDS output to be truncated. This has been fixed. For MEBES, different grid can be specified. User should take care that the grid and pixel size should be specified in such a way that "(Dimension in pixel * pixel size / grid )" is a round number, to avoid rounding problems. .

    Rev 1.04 12-16-02

    Error messages

    Error messages are more descriptive and explaining what is wrong with the source file.

    Rev 1.03a 09-11-02

    New Install

    A new install script is now part of the release (prior, the program had to be installed manually) as well as support for flexlm licensing.

    Multi-strip TIFF

    We've added support for TIFF files that are internally broken into strips. For large TIFF files this is not uncommon.

    Rev 1.01 08-20-02

    Error Messages

    Error messages in case the tiff file format is not supported.

    Image Size

    Image Size in pixels and microns is being displyed in the menu after the file is selected.

    Rev 1.00 08-15-02

    Initial Release

    Initial release today on Windows. This program is shipped with the Flexlm license manager.