Overlay Revision History

Overlay is a "wrapper" around gdsfilt which is intended to make it easier to merge multiple GDSII files (i.e. to overlay them). This page summarizes the revisions made to the program.

Version 1.08 03/08/2017

New Faster GDSII Scannner

Updated the GDSII scanner to use gscan instead of goscan (for speed improvement).

Remove Redundant Scan

Updated the flow to always pre-scan and avoid redundant scanning in the other parts of the flow.

User Specified Working Directory

Added an advanced dialog to specify the working directory.

Version 1.04 02/16/2017

Version 1.02 MM/DD/YYYY

Version 1.01 02/17/2016


Corrected the GUI's text size when used on displays with high resolution.

Version 1.00 01/12/2016

Initial Release