• Introduction
• Applications
• Input
• Outputs
    Ansoft ANF
    Optimal XFL
    OEA Netan
Running NETEX
• command syntax
Proximity Nets
• What is a Proximity Net?
• Why Would I Need It?
• How it Works
When Net Names Collide
• Different Net Names
   on Same Conductor

• Separate Conductors
   with Same Net Name

• Log file reporting
Layers and Datatypes
• What is a GDSII Datatype?
• How to Separate Entities
   by Datatype
The Technology File
• Conductor Stackup
• Assigning Net and Node
   Names using Text Layers

• Conductor Name Mapping
The Configuration File
• Data Units
• Expansion
• Output Directory
• Temporary Directory
• Extraction Directives
     • All
     • Bycoordinate
     • ByName
Saving Intermediate Results
• The GDSII file with all nets
• How Last State is Saved

Netname Conflicts or Inconsistencies

Since NETEX will be grabbing net names from strings of text it is possible to run into conflicts or ambiguities in the naming. Consider the following potential problems:

  1. There is more than one string of text under the metal we have determined to be a net. The strings are not identical. Which string should we use?

    net name conflict

    Answer - Use the first string you encounter and then write to an alias file the two strings: i.e. alias clock5 buffer52. Subsequent software can analyze the alias file and determine what to do.

  2. The same string value is found under two distinct nets - should or should not these be assigned the same net name when in fact they have no electrical connectivity?

    net name conflict

    Answer - this is acceptable; it is likely that this may occur in typical designs and the two (or more) physical nets should be treated as if physically connected.

Logging of Net Name Conflicts

The log file produced by NETEX can be used examine conflicts.

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