MBS2GDS With Layer Map

MBS2TIFF/GDS can be executed from the command line and allow you to specify the GDSII layer mapping when converting a MEBES job deck file to GDSII. The user can assign each chip (mebes file) in the job deck file to a unique GDSII layer number.

Here is an example:
../bin/mbs2tiff -gds -nogui -levels:1-10,2-20,3-34  -union:1000 z5x85uk1c.jb jobdeck.gds 

In this example, we use mbs2tiff with the -gds option to create a GDSII file.

We also use the Union option to merge overlapping trapezoids to one GDSII boundary - this will reduce your GDSII file size.

The layer mapping is done with the -levels option. In this example, chip 1 will go to GDSII layer 10, chip 2 to GDSII layer 20, chip 3 to GDSII layer 34 and so on.

On the command line we also see the MEBES job deck file and the output GDSII file.

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