Fast Display of Full View of the JobDeck/Pattern File

When a user wants a full display of the entire reticle as defined by the job deck, the mbs2tiff program may need to render/rasterize millions of trapezoids even through the majority of them are smaller than a pixel. A new mode, triggered by the argument "-nodetail", can generate a much faster (if less detailed) full view.

How it Works

MEBES data is organized into stripes. Stripe height and width can vary depending on the address unit (AU) but a typical value is 0.5 mm wide and 0.1 mm high as shown below (not to scale). A standard reticle is 150 x 150 mm with an active area of about 100 x 100 mm. So it is not unusual to have 40 to 50 thousand stripes.

pattern file

In "No Detail" mode instead of rasterizing each trapezoid inside of each stripe separately, a short cut is taken. A quick computation is done to compute the percent of each stripe that is covered in trapezoids. This percent is then compared against a user defined threshold value. The entire stripe is rendered either as black or white depending on whether the stripe "density" is above or below the user set threshold.

comparision of standard raster vs. nodetail option.

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