GDSVU Customer List

Here is a partial list of GDSVU users. As you can see it has been adopted by both large and small companies worldwide.

3M                            WI
3M Company                    MO
3M Company                    TX
ABX R & D                     France
Academy of Sciences of Czech  Czech Republic
Acoustic Technology           AZ
ACREO AB                      Sweden
ADC Telecommunications, Inc.  MN
Advance Reproduction          MA
Advanced Cardiovascular Sys   CA
Advanced Micro Devices        CA
Advanced Semiconductor        Taiwan
Advanced Vision Technology    NY
Advanced Visual Systems       CO
AEL                           PA
AIEC                          AZ
Alberta Microelectronic       Canada
Align-Rite                    UK 
Allied Signal                 MD
Alpha Industries              MA
Amber Engineering Inc.        CA
Amkor Chandler                AZ
Anadigics                     TX
Analog Innovations            AZ
Analog One, Inc               AZ
API Networks                  MA
Applied Materials             CA
Arizona Microtek, Inc.        AZ
Army Research Lab             MD
Artisan Components, Inc.      CA
ASL Technology, Inc.          CA
ASM Europe                    Netherlands
ASM Lithography               AZ
ASM Lithography               AZ
ATI Technologies, Inc.        Canada
ATL Ultrasound                WA
Atmos Corporation             Canada
Auburn University             AL
Automotive Group              MI
Avant! Sytems Division        NY
AverMedia                     CA
Axsun Technologies            MA
BAE  SYSTEMS                  NH
BAE Systems                   PA
Bandwidth Semiconductor       MA
Bell-Northern Research        Canada
Bellcore                      NJ
Benchmark Technologies        MA
Bosch Telecomm                TX
Boston University             MA
Bourns Electronics            Ireland
Brewer Science Inc.           MO
Broadcom Corporation          CA
Brookhaven National Lab       NY
CAD Design Services, Inc.     CA
Cadabra Design Automation     Canada
Cadence Design System         FL
California Micro Devices      CA
Candescent Technologies       CA
Cascade Microtech             OR
CEERI                         India
CELAR                         France
Celight, Inc.                 MD
ChipPAC                       AZ
CimLinc Inc.                  MI
Claremicronix                 CA
Clarisay, Inc.                TX
Clear Logic Inc.              CA
CNET                          France
CNRS LAAS                     France
Compass Design Automation     France
Computer & Communication Rsch Taiwan
Computing Devices Inter'l     MN
Computing Devices Inter'l     MN
Comteq Computer Company       CA 
Concis, LLC                   WA
Corning Lasertron             MA
cQuint Communications Corp    CA
Cubic Transport               CA
Daimler Crysler AG            Germany
Dallas Semiconductor          TX
DASA Munich                   Germany  
Data Path                     CA
Defect & Yield Management     MA
Delos                         IL
Delphi Delco Electronics Sys  IN
Denso Corporation             Japan
Department of Defense         MD
Dept of Comm & Electronic En  Australia
DFM Technologies, Inc.        CA
Digital Instruments           CA
Direct Silicon Design         CA
Dow Corning                   MI
Draper Laboratory             MA
DRIX Semiconductor            Belgium
DSTO                          Australia
Dupont Company                DE
Dupont Photomask, Inc.        CT
DYM, Inc.                     MA
Dyna Craft Inc                CA
Dynaco                        AZ
Dynacraft Industries SDN BHD  Malaysia
E-Systems                     FL
Eastman Kodak                 NY
Eksigent Technologies         CA
Electonics Research & Service Taiwan
Enhanced Memory Systems Inc.  CO
Ericsson Components           CA
ETIC                          TX 
Europe Technologies           France
Fairchild Semiconductor       PA
Fermilab                      IL
Flipchip Technology           AZ
Frequency Technology          CA
Fujitsu                       CA
Fujitsu                       Japan
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd    Japan
General Dynamics              MN
General Electric R & D        NY
Gennum Corporation            Canada
Giga Semiconductor, Inc.      CA
Global Communication Devices  MA
Global Communication Devices  MA
Gold Star Micronics           South Korea
GPT Card Technology           UK
Grotto                        CA
Halo Data Devices             CA
Hewlett Packard               OK
Hewlett Packard               OR
Hewlett Packard               CA
Hewlett Packard S'Pore PTE    CA
Hitachi Hokkai Semiconductor  Japan
Hitachi Ltd Semiconductor     Japan
Holo OR Ltd.                  Israel 
Holt Inc.                     CA
Honeywell                     AZ
Honeywell Microswitch         TX
Honeywell Technology Center   MN
Hutchinson Technology, Inc.   MN
IC Interconnect               CO
IDEACOD                       France
IMS Gesellschaft mb.H.        Austria
In Time Software              CA
Infineon                      CA
INOVA Semiconductors GmbH     Germany
Inst. f. Mikrostrukturtechnik Germany
Institut fur Halbleitertech   Germany
Integrated Device Technology  GA
Integrated Device Technology  CA
Integrated Micromachines      CA
Integrated Micromachines Inc  CA
IntelliSense Corporation      MA
Intermec Technologies Corp.   NY
International Sematech        TX
Interpoint                    WA
Intersil Corp                 FL
Intersil Corp                 OH
Intersil Corp                 FL
Ioptics, INC.                 WA
IPHT                          Germany
Istituto Nazionale Di Fisica  Italy
ITRI                          CA
J.M. Sebastian, CAD Service   CA
JDS Uniphase                  Netherlands 
Johns Hopkins University      MD
JPL (Jet Propulsion Labs)     CA
JSR Microelectronics          CA
Juniper                       MA
K2 Optronics                  CA
Kaohsiung Hitachi Electronics Taiwan
KLA-Mieher                    CA
Lasertron                     MA
Lawerence Berkeley Laboratory CA
Lawrence Berkeley Lab         CA
Lawrence Photoelectronics Lab CA
Leading Technologies          PA
LG Electronics/LCD Plant      Korea
LG Philips LCD, Ltd.          Korea
Lightwave Microsystems        CA
Litef GmbH                    Germany
Lockheed Martin               PA
Lockheed Martin Federal Sys   VI
Logisoft AC                   Holland
Logix Consulting              TX
London Associates             CA
Los Alamos National Lab/PC    NM
LSI Logic                     CA
LSI Logic Corporation         CO
Lucent                        NJ
Lucent                        PA
Lyon & Lyon                   CA

Lockheed Martin                  PA
Lockheed Martin Federal Sys      VI
Logisoft AC                      Holland
Logix Consulting                 TX
London Associates                CA
Los Alamos National Lab/PC       NM
LSI Logic                        CA
LSI Logic Corporation            CO
Lucent                           NJ
Lucent                           PA
Lyon & Lyon                      CA
M/A COM                          TX
M/A COM                          MA
M/A-COM                          VA
Marconi Communications GmbH      Germany
Martin Marietta                  NJ
Martin Marietta                  NY
Matrix Micro Assembly            TX
Matrix Semiconductor             CA
Matsushita Electric Industrial   Japan
MCC Corporation                  TX
Medtronics                       AZ
Medtronics, Inc                  MN
Mercury Electronics              India
MetaPhysics S.A.                 Germany
Mettler Instrumente AG           Switzerland
MIC Technology                   France
Micro Switch                     IL
Micro-ASI, Inc.                  TX
Micron Semiconductor Asia Pte.   Singapore
Micron Technology, Inc.          ID
Mission Research Corporation     NM
MIT Lincoln Laboratories         MA 
Motorola                         Germany
Motorola                         TX
Motorola                         AZ
Motorola                         IL
Motorola                         Germany
Motorola                         FL
Motorola Electronics             Taiwan
Motorola Swiss                   Switzerland
Multichip Assembly               FL
MX-COM, Inc.                     NC
MystiCom, Inc.                   CA
NanoAmp Solutions, Inc.          CA
NASA - GSFC                      MD
NASA Langley Research Center     VA
Nat'l Resrch Council of Canada   Canada
National Optic Institute         Canada
National Radio Astronomy Obser   VA
National Semiconductor           CA
Neisei Sangyo TK                 Japan
Network Photonics Inc.           CO
Nippon ABS. Ltd.                 Japan
Nippon Foundry, Inc.             Japan
Nokia Satellite Systems          Sweden
Nortel Networks Technology ON    Canada
Nortel Technology                Canada
Northern Illinois University     IL
Northern Telecom                 Canada
Nth Degree Engineering           AZ
Oki Data co., Ltd.               Japan
Olin Interconnect Technology     CA
Olivetti Tech Center             Italy
Omron Automotive Electronic Inc. Canada
OPC Technology                   CA
Optical Imaging Systems, Inc.    MI
Optium Inc.                      FL
Optiwave Corporation             Canada
Orion Design Technologies        NH
Pacific Silicon Technologies     CA
ParkerVision                     FL
Penstock                         CA
PerkinElmer                      CA
Philiips Electronics Nederland   Netherlands
Philips Comp. BV Key Modules     Netherlands
Philips Semiconducteurs          France
Philips Semiconductors           NM
Photosciences                    CA
Photronics                       CO
Photronics                       TX
Picopak Oy                       Finland
Pixelworks, Inc                  OR
Polyled Heerlan                  Netherlands
Power Integration                CA
Process Specialties              CA
Prominent Communications Inc     CA
QPS Semiconductor Technology     Canada
Qualcomm                         CA
Quantum                          CO
Rainbow Displays, Inc.           NY
Raychem                          CA
Raytheon                         CA
Raytheon                         TX
Read-Rite                        CA
RF Micro Devices                 NC
Rikei                            CA
RMIT-Electrical Engineering      Australia
Robert Bosch Corporation         SC
Robert Bosch Corporation         MI
Robert Bosch GMBH                Germany
Rochester Electronics            AZ
Rockwell International Sci Ctr   CA
Rockwell Science Center          CA
Rockwell Science Center          CA
SAC-TEC Lab                      CA
Samsung electro-magnetics        Korea
Samsung Microwave Semicond       CA
Sandia                           NM
Savacor, Inc.                    CA
Sawtek, Inc.                     FL
Seagate Technology (200+ copies) MN 
Seagate Technology Northern      Ireland
Semtech Corporation              CA
SensoNor asa                     Norway
Sequence Design, Inc.            CA
Sequent Computer Systems         WI
SGS-Thomson Microelectronics     France
Sharp Co., Ltd.                  Japan
Shasin-Kagaku Co., Ltd.          Japan
Sheldahl                         CO
Shinko electric Industries Co    Japan
Siemens                          Germany
Siemens AG, HL MTBD              Germany
Siemens Berlin                   Germany
Silicon Valley Group Lithograp   CT
Silterra                         OR
Silterra                         Malaysia
Silterra                         CA
Simtek                           CO
Sipex                            CA
Solus Inc.                       CA
Sony Corporation Core Technology Japan
Space Computer Corporation        CA
Spinnaker Microwave               CA
St. Jude Medical                  AZ
Stanford University/SLAC          CA
Stella Technology                 Taiwan
STMicroelectronics                France
Strand Interconnect AB            Sweden
Sunpower Inc.                     OH
Supercomputer Systems             WI
SVG                               CT
Synopsys Inc.                     CA
Teccor Electronics                TX
Teledyne                          CA
Telencomm, Inc.                   CA
Teradyne                          MA
Tesla Sezam                       Czech Republic
Texas Instruments                 TX
Thales Nederland BV OV            Netherlands
The Reed Company                  CA
Thin Film                         AB
Thomson CSF                       France
Toshiba Electronics               CA
Toshiba Research Centre Ltd       United Kingdom
TRW                               CA
TRW,Inc.                          CA
Tundra Semiconductor Corp.        Canada
UC San Diego                      CA
UCO/Lick Observatory              CA
UltraChip, Inc.                   CA
Univ. of Massachusettes           MA
University of Jena                Germany
University of Karlsruhe           Germany
University of Maryland            MD
University of New Mexico          NM
University of Notre Dame          IN
University of Stuttgart           Germany
University of Texas               TX
USC/ISI/MOSIS                     CA
Vaisala Oy                        Finland
Vicor                             MA
Virtual Vision                    WA
Vishay Siliconix, Inc.            CA
Vitesse                           CA
VLSI Technologies, Inc.           CA
VRIJE Unversiteit Brussel         Belgium
Wave Systems Corp.                CA
WaveSplitter Technologies         CA
Widata                            CA
X-Lam                             CA
Zenastra Photonics, Inc.          Canada
Zuken America                     MA