Here is what some of our users think about GDSVU:

From jag@Cadence.COM Tue Oct 14 05:25:48 1997
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 08:11:04 -0400
From: jag@Cadence.COM (John Greene)
Subject: Re: eval xgdsvu

I have been a user of XGDSVU abd GDSVU for several years. I find this tool invaluable for investigating reported problems with the creation of gds files from a variety of vendors. I have also used it to resolve problems reported by mask shops. Considering it's very reasonable cost, it is one of the most valuable tools around for independently resolving gds database issues.

John Greene
Solutions Engineer
Cadence Design Systems
Melbourne, Florida

The preceeding was a non-paid and wholeheartly provided endorsement by me personally and does not imply anything on behalf of Cadence Design Systems or it's affiliates.

PS - John was previously a system administrator for IC CAD at Harris Semiconductor in Melbourne, Florida when he first started using GDSVU.

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