Installing and Configuring GDSVU/W in a Network Environment

Assume a group of users are running Windows 3.1 or WFWG 3.11 and that the GDSII files they wish to view are stored on a network drive that has read only permissions (preventing the users from accidentally deleting or modifying this data.) Let's further assume that the GDSVU/W application will be stored on a network drive common to all users - this directory is also read-execute only so users cannot modify the contents.


GDSII files are stored on a network drive called g:\junk\franz Users do not have have write permission to this directory.

Application Server

GDSVU/W is installed on another network drive h:\wcad\gdsvu. Users do not have write permission to these files although they must have read and execute permission.

Network Plotting

The groupís plotter is a network plotter - it runs on a machine called asmsc0:copop1. It is a HP laserJet 4M and supports PCL.

Here is how GDSVU/W should be installed and configured.

Install GDSVU on Network Drive

The system administrator installs GDSVU/W on h:\wcad\gdsvu. He can remove the directory h:\wcad\gdsvu\examples since it is not going to be used on the h: drive.

Create User Program Icon

The system administrator goes to the user's machine and creates a new program icon as follows:

Copy pltcfg.ini and plot.cfg to each user's c:\

The system administrator copies the file called plotcfg.ini and the file called plot.cfg to the userís c:\ root directory. If for some reason you cannot find these files you can get them off of the release diskette - remember it must be expanded.

 expand a:\pltcfg.ini c:\pltcfg.ini
 expand a:\plot.cfg   c:\plot.cfg

If pltcfg.ini is not copied to each user's c:\ then that user will be unable to set up his printers because this file contains the list of available plotter drivers used by GDSVU.

Start up GDSVU/W and Set Preferences

Start up GDSVU/W from a user's machine. From the File pulldown, select Preferences and then Directory. Set the temporary working directory to c:\temp.

Read/Write Settings Locally

Make sure that Read Write Settings Locally is not checked.

Exit GSDVU/W and Restart

The user should exit GDSVU/W and restart it from the icon. The program should work fine. Nothing will be written to either the g:\junk\franz directory nor to the h:\wcad\gdsvu directory.

Configuring the Network Plotter

The user can configure the network plotter by using the PLOT | Plot Setup pulldown.

Where are Configuration Files Written?

All configuration files (gdsvu.ini, plot.cfg, plotcfg.ini written to the user's c:\ directory. Layer colors and fill patterns will be taken from the file called on each userís c:\ drive.

5. Start up directory for GDSVU/W

If you want GDSVU to always look in the g:\junk\franz directory for theGDSII files when you select File | Open, change the GDSVU ICON's working directory to g:\junk\franz.

Info prepared by Steve DiBartolomeo 01/20/1997

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