GDSII Set Units - GDSII unit/resolution Utility

The gdsSetUnits utility modifies the units and resolution of a GDSII file and exports a new GDSII file with the new, user defined, units and resolution.
The output file can be the same as the input file or a new file name.

gdsSetUnits Command Line Syntax

To see the gdsSetUnits command line syntax you can execute gdsSetUnits with the -h option:

$  gdsSetUnits -h

gdsSetUnits v1.00 (rcs 1.101)
(C) 2003 Artwork Conversion Software, Inc. (831) 426-6163

gdsSetUnits [-grid:] -unit:  []


X is the new user grid (defaults: inch:1000000, um:1000)

name specifies the new unit type; must be one of
     um, mm, cm, m, uinch, mils, inch

inputfile and outputfile may be stdin and stdout respectively
     where stdin and stdout are denoted by '-'

outputfile may be the same as inputfile

if outputfile is omitted then inputfile will be overwritten