Downloading GDSFILT

Requesting Password and License Strings

Prior to downloading you should contact Artwork and request the following information:

  • ftp server login and password

  • program installation password

  • program license strings

  • include your full contact info.

In order for us to generate license strings you need to provide us your machine's ID. This is best done by downloading the utility and running it on your machine. Use the System Settings tab and copy the Ethernet Address that it displays. See below:


Example Email


Re: Evaluation of GDSFILT on Windows

Dear Hagai,

I would like to evaluate your GDSFILT program.Please send me the 
FTP login, the install password and temporary key strings for my 

I got my ethernet physical address by using the lmtools
utility provided above.

ethernet address = 00560abE72

Reason for Evaluation
I intend to use the program to filter out dummy cells from a large 
GDSII file.

Thanks much,

John Boy  
International Harvesting and IC Design
10087 Champion Way Bldg 43
Topeka Kansas 09323
Tel (450) 132-2213  Fax (450) 132-2113

GDSFILT Installation Packages



Ver 2.59a 3/15/2016. 17 MB. To obtain your machine's id, use the v8_lmtools.exe utility, go to the system tab, and copy the ethernet address.



Version 2.59. 06/05/2015 8 MB



Version 2.84a. 05/22/2016 13.5 MB



GDFILT manual for Windows. PDF file. 369KB.

Problems Accessing our FTP Server?

Artwork's FTP site requires a login and password to gain access. This information will be provided to you with the license strings.

If after clicking on the link you get a This Page Cannot be Displayed error, this may be due to Internet Explorer's problems accessing password protected FTP servers. In that case, please review the possible fixes on our support page.

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