GDS2ASCII Revision History

Version 1.93 09-14-2022

New 64 bit Release

Added support for non-conventional UNIT specification, e.g. user grid 0.001 and DB 5e-10 meters. Now it tries to find the most likely UNIT specification and changes the user grid appropriately. The new ASCII outputs will note this condition.

OASIS output from GDS2ASCII now "autoscales" to accommodate non-micron GDS files.

VS 2015 64 bit build.

Version 1.83 [Windows only] 09-14-2017

Update to instance_finder64.exe Cell Instance Finder Utility

Improved formatting of the output file.

This version also defaults to the precision defined in the input file unless the -prec: command line option is used.

Version 1.82 [Windows only] 09-12-2017

New instance_finder64.exe Cell Finder Tool

A new utility, instance_finder64.exe, (licensed separately) allows the user to export a text file with all the insertion points of a specific cell (or cells) name listed by the user on the command line (or in a file). Supports both a list of cell names or a regular expression.

Version 1.79 05-9-2016

Path Type Support

Adds support for Custom Plus or TYPE 4 PATH (endcap definitions) in GDSII stream for both COMPACT and ACS text dump formats. Support for TYPE 4 Paths had to be added in both GDS2ASCII and ASCII2GDS.

Licensing and Linux Support

This version makes use of FLEX v11.13.1.2 and supports non-eth0 MAC addresses and LINUX 3.X kernels

Version 1.71 06-30-2014

Updates for Installation and OS Support

Upgrade to support up to the latest versions of Windows (32 and 64 bit).

Fixed installation licensing issues.

Version 1.64 08-11-13

LinuxSuse Support

Changed from a statically linked library which did not work with Suse 11 to a dynamically linked library.

This version was tested on:

    Solaris 8 and Solaris 10 (both 64 bit)
    RH E4 32 bit, RH E4 64bit
    RH E5 64 bit
    RH E6 64 bit
    Suse 12.1 64 bit kernel 3.1.X

Version 1.21 02-9-04

Speed improvement

ASCII2GDS's speed was improved by a factor of 2.

Version 1.18 02-19-03

Speed improvement

ASCII2GDS's speed was improved significantly by up to a factor of 2.

Version 1.15 [Linux 7.2 and Solaris] 09-26-02

FLEXlm Licensing

Supports the FLEXlm license manager. Requires lmgrd 8.1 or newer.

Version 1.00 08-15-02

Initial Release

This is the first release of GDS2ASCII on Windows.

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