Running CIF2GDS

CIF2GDS is controlled by the command line and by a configuration file called CIF.CFG.

The Command Line

cif2gds [Input_file]  [output_file]  [options]
input_file Path and Name of the CIF file to translate.This can be a filename or "-" to indicate that it should be obtained from standard input.
Output_file path and filename of the GDSII output.
Options may be any of:
-oconvert wires to outline
-e [h|f|r] specify the path endtype to be flush, half extended or round. The default is half extended: -eh
-b [b|p] specifiy boxes to be output as paths or boundaries. The default is boundaries: -bb
-m miter square ended acute path vertices. This applies to the-o (outline) options only
-sX scale the ouput by X.
-w suppress warning messages
-q quiet mode. suppresses all screen I/O. Useful when running this program from a script or calling it from another program. Actually redirects screen messages to a file "input_file_name.log".

Note: Command line options override any settings found in the CIF.CFG file.

CIF Units & Scale Factor

CIF uses a database increment of 0.01 micron. CIF2GDS will translate directly to GDS in these units. You can scale the data but you cannot change the units definition in the GDSII stream file.

The Log File

You can capture the information about the translation that is displayed on screen by redirecting the standard output to a file. To do this you must run the program with a CIF.CFG file and supply a filename. For example:

cif2gds dsto2.cif  > display text

The -q option on the command line does effectively the same. It redirects test messages to a file ending in .log instead of sending them to the screen.

Sample Log File

Below is a partial listing of a log file generated by CIF2GDS.

CIF2GDS v1.03 (6/10/94) 286 Key 8526 - 0014
© Artwork Conversion Software Inc., 1991-94 (831) 426-6163

Layer List: 14 layer(s) CWP 1: CMS 2: CNF 3: CPG 4: CVA 5: CCP 6: CAA 7: CSN 8: CCA 9: CSP 10: COG 11: XP 12: CEL 13: CCE Cell List: 42 cell(s) * indicates referenced but not defined

Uniform Grid + 25.000000 1: chip 2: logo2 3: allcomparator 4: frame 5: blankP 6: gndP 7: vddP 8: analogP 9: outP 10: urP