CIF2GDS Revision History

This document summarizes enhancements and fixes to the CIF2GDS Translator. Please consult this page on a regular basis to determine what changes have been made to our programs.

Version 1.36 - November 29,2012

Text Mapping

When a layer was not specified, text was mapped to layer 63. It now will be mapped to the current layer instead

Version 1.35 - January 16,2008

New Linux and Solaris version

New release of cif2gds on Linux and Solaris. Includes the new GUI as well as new installation and Flexlm support.

Scaling issues

Fixed scaling in relation to units and grid in engine and shell.

New command line options

Adding the following options to the engine:

-grid:G Set grid to G where G is in the range (1.0e-12 - 1). Default is 1.0e-2.

-unit:U Set unit to U where U is: um | mm | cm | mil | inch - Default is um..

Version 1.16

PATH to BOX Option

In version 1.16 of GDS2CIF we added a new option at the request of UV Berkeley in order to enable them to run the CIF file through their CIF2MANN routine.

When the CIF.CFG configuration file has the following keyword set:


CIF2GDS will test each GDSII path to see if it has only 2 vertices. If so it will convert this path to a CIF BOX instead of a polygon or wire.

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