CIF2GDS Mapping

We have attempted to MAP CIF entities to the closest GDS entity. In many cases we give the users options so that they can tailor the GDSII file to their specific needs.

CIF Entity GDSII Entity Comment>
Polygon Boundary CIF Polygons may exceed GDSII's limit of 200 vertices per boundary. CIF2GDS can be configured to pass up to 2048 vertices per boundary. If the max vertex limit is exceeded, CIF2GDS will output as a series of zero width paths that mark the boundary - but no boundary will be output
Wire Path User can select 2 different Path types; 0-flush square, 1 round end, 2-1/2W extension. CIF2GDS can be configured to support up to 2048 vertices per path - If a CIF wire exceeds the max limit, CIF2GDS will output multiple paths
Symbol Structure Mapped Directly
Symbol Insertion SREF Mapped Directly
Layers Layers CIF2GDS supports up to 256 layers (GDSII extended or Release 7)
Units Units GDSII file will always match the CIF units and resolution (0.01 um)
Box Boundary The CIF Box is a rectangle defined by a length, width, center point, and direction vector (in lieu of a rotation angle)
Round Flash Boundary Defined by a center point and diameter. Mapped to a boundary of 40 sides
Comments Ignored CIF allows comments to be embedded in the file. These are ignored by the CIF to GDS translator

Program Files

The following program and support files are part of the CIF2GDS distribution:

reads CIF and converts to GDS
message text file for the translator
contains configuration information for the translator
example CIF files
disk.ididentifies product and revision
INSTALLinstallation script
readme.docrevisions and information