MDA and RS274X Polyfill Support

For complex leadframes, packages and MCMs the amount of data generated by filling boundaries is enormous. Some photoplotters, specifically the FIRE 9000 by Cymbolic Sciences and the Gerber Crescent Family of photoplotters do not need stroke filled data. They can accept just the outline of each boundary and perform fill-on-the-fly while rasterizing the Gerber data. ASM 600 has an option to convert boundary and paths to Gerber outlines supported by either Fire 9000 or the Gerber Crescent. File sizes are usually reduced by a 50 to 100X and one gets the maximum possible resolution the plotter can deliver. See a typical example below.


At left, the Gerber outline data. At right, the filled data on the film. GBRVU has an emulation mode for both the FIRE 9000 and the Gerber Crescent so you can get a WSYWIG preview of your data.

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