Loading an EGS Archive File into ADS

Once you have used the ASM 800W DXF2EGS program to create an EGS archive of your AutoCAD drawing, you must load it into the ADS layout. We've summarized how to do this from "scratch" i.e. from a new project. We assume that you have no schematic - so you will be creating a layout using the imported archive file.

Create a New Project (from the ADS Design System [Main] Window

Use the Layout | Generate/Update Layout ... command to open the Generate/Update Layout dialog box. You will be creating an "empty" layout using this dialog. Hit OK.

From the Layout Window use File | Import to get to the Import2 Dialog box...

For File Type, select EGS Archive Format.

Use the Browse... button to select the EGS archive file. (In our example this is antenna_feed.egs)

ADS should import the file. If you cannot see it on screen, click on View  |  View All or hit the shortcut key, [F5] to zoom to the extents of the data.

If you've done everything correctly you should now see the antenna feed on your screen.

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