DXF2EGS Configuration File

The configuration file used to control the DXF2EGS translation is a simple ASCII file. The basic syntax is:
keyword     (all upper case starting in column 1)
parameter   (upper case, starts in column 1)
parameter   (some keywords can take more than one parameter...)
blank       ( a blank line terminates parameters for the keyword) 
In the table below comments are in italics and are not part of the file. If you need to insert comments into the file put a # sign in column 1.

ACADUNIT                  keyword for AutoCAD Units
1000                      number of ticks per unit
MIL                       unit value: mil:inch:mm:cm:um

EGSUNIT                   keyword for EGS archive unit
1000                      number of ticks per unit
MIL                       unit value: mil:inch:mm:cm:um

MAXERR                    maximum number of errors before translator stops
100                       value for maxerr

MAX_POINT                 maximum number of vertices per boundary
200                       value (cannot exceed 5000)

ARCRES                    arc resolution (degrees) for fracturing arcs
6.000000                  value  (range = 1.5 to 45)

ARCSAG                    max error between arc and its approximation
0.000000000000            if 0, this parameter is disregarded

MIN_LINE                  min line width - any lines narrower are reset
0.000000                  value, if=0 then this parameter is ignored.

SCALE_FACTOR              scale factor to apply
1.000000                  value

TSCALE                    text scaling parameter
1.000000                  value

INCLUDE                  list of layers to include. If missing
FEED                     or no layers mentioned all layers included

EXCLUDE                  list of DXF layers NOT to process. 
0                        layer name                
APERTURES                layer
ANTENNA                  layer

TSTYLE                   text style - not used

MAX_LAYER                max number of layers supported

ERROR_LAYER              any errors sent to this layer

LINK_MODE                If ON, links line/arcs into closed polygons

REMOVE_HATCH             If ON, removes all *h blocks (hatch blocks)

REMOVE_DIM               If ON, removes all *d blocks (dimension blocks)

PATH                     How to handle polylines with constant width
LWEIGHT                  LWEIGHT=create same type of path in EGS
                         OUTLINE=convert to polygon

MITER                    If on, PATH turns > 90 deg are mitered

LAYER                    Layer Mapping
0 10 1                   column 1 = AutoCAD Layer Name
FEED 1 2                 column 2 = EGS layer number
APERTURES 2 3            column 3 = EGS layer color number