ODB++ Import for ADS


Revision History for NETEX-ODB and ADS Importer

Netex-G/Netex-ODB V1.76 4/28/2013

ODB++ and IPC2581 Updates

An issue with mirrored bottom components was corrected. Before pin geometries and component outlines were presented incorrectly in the ADS layout window and 3DVU.

Pin geometries whose origin did not coincide with 0,0 were displayed incorrectly. This has been fixed.

In order for a layer to be considered as a candidate stackup layer, it must be either be of context Board or of type signal between top or bottom component layers. This allows wirebond layers to be added to the stackup.

Soldermask and Wire Support

Added Soldermask and Wire support to ADFI output.

Netex-G V1.72 05/09/2012

1.72 upgrade

Sync this version with standard Netex-g Release.

Netex-G/Netex-ODB V1.70 3/26/2012

Rotated Symbols

NETEX-ADS ODB++ Import now supports rotated standard symbols.

Netex-G/Netex-ODB V1.69 12/14/2011

Net name check

Net name checking has been added in ADFI output converting non alphanumeric characters to underscore.

Board Name

The board name in ADFI output is set to the base name of the output file name.
For example c:\tmp\odb.txt ==> BRD_odb.

Color Set

The default color set for ADS Auto cycles red, yellow, blue, magenta and cyan for metal layers, while dielectric are green.

Back Drill

Back drill checking has been added for top and bottom entry points.
This is activated in the Drills dialog box.

String Search

String Search capability has been added to the detailed log dialog.

Netex-G/Netex-ODB V1.68a 11/11/2011

Set ADFI format to always report illegal polygon format

The ADFI formatter will now always report if input polygon data is erroneously encountering Leonov polygons. Before this was only happening during incremental runs. The full run was imposing a silent mode for single dialog and silent progress display modes.

Incremental run

The shell was never running in incremental mode while the auto view log option was not set. This has been fixed so the shell runs incrementally as it has before when the auto view log option was set.

Component Output

Fixed component compatible output to preserve polygon format.
Before this fix, the output for the following formats was always outputting Leonov:

  • GDS Ascii with Vias
  • 3Di
  • ADFI

  • This has now been fixed so that:
  • ADS always outputs butting edge polygons for ADFI and Leonov for 3Di
  • AWR always outputs Leonov polygons for 3Di
  • Standard preserves allowable polygon format

  • NETEX_ADS V1.68 11/07/2011

    Net Name Processing Bug Fix

    A bug was discovered having to do with net names containing '%' characters. Such strings were mistakenly being formatted when they should have simply been passed along. The formatting was producing unpredictable results. This has now been fixed.

    Unresolved Net Names

    Unresolved net names are handled by making sure that some name is assigned when non ANSI compatible characters are encountered.

    Drill Data No Longer Mandatory

    Netex-G execution is no longer fully dependent on drill information to be present.

      (a) Padstack information will be passed along when either components or drill information is present.

      (b) A warning message will appear only if multiple metal layers are selected and there is no drill information.

    NETEX_ADS V1.66a 09/16/2011

    Updated ascii2adfi

    Updated ascii2adfi to fix a bug in creating the substrates.
    Tested with the latest ADFI importer (design kit 3.3) found in the ADS 2011.10 installation.

    Updated ODB++ importer

    Updated to the latest ODB++ importer.

    NETEX_ADS V1.63

    Vias in Proximity Net

    Vias that were part of the proximity net were not getting exported. This has been corrected.

    Boundary to Path Algorithm

    The boundary to path algorithm has been refined after reviewing cases where the conversion was poorly done.

    NETEX_ADS V1.60 and ADS ASCII Import 12/16/2010

    RS274X mass parameters

    Gerber interpreter has been revised to handle larger RS274X mass parameters. This meant that Gbrunion executions, Netex-G executions, and Gbrvu displaying failed for mass parameters larger than 64K. The problem was fixed by changing this threshold to 2M.

    ODB++ components import

    ODB++ import components have been updated to the latest Odb2Gbr v1.84.

    Other enhancements

    Drill to Gerber engine has been updated to reflect the changes made on December 12 and listed below.

    NETEX_ADS 1 .59 and ADS ASCII Import 1.00 11/10/2010

    Substrate Apply

    This version automatically applies the Substrate - previous versions required the user to open the Momentum menu, open the substrate and click Apply. It also modifies the substrate file definitions and bindings to support through vias.

    NETEX_ADS 1 .58b and ADS ASCII Import 1.00 11/10/2010

    Fixed Divide by Zero Error

    This version fixes a divide by zero error reported by Agilent.

    Auto Import/Apply of Substrate

    This version automatically "applies" the substrate so that the user need not do so.

    NETEX-ODB 1 .58 and ADS ASCII Import 1.00 09/10/2010

    Initial Release

    This initial release includes the NETEX-ODB Version 1.58 and the AEL ASCII Import 1.00

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