ODB++ Import for ADS


Pricing for NETEX-ADS

NETEX-ADS includes the following three components:

    NETEX-ODB - reads Gerber and ODB++ data and outputs an ASCII file containing the geometries, layer stackup, vias, nets and component data. Includes the ability to select extraction by net or by region.

    GBRVU - a Gerber viewer which integrates into NETEX-ODB allowing one to also view ODB++ data and to select windows from the display or nets by labeling them.

Node Locked

Annual Support


$ 600

Floating Network License
(single facility)

Annual Support


$ 690

(multiple time zones or facilities)

Annual Support

contact factory

contact factory

Support Policy

All programs are licensed with 30 days support. After that time a support contract is needed if the user wishes to obtain updates, fixes, changes to license servers or to contact Artwork's technical support.

If a support contract is purchased simultaneously with the license then an additional 30 days support is included i.e. the next support renewal would be 14 months after intial purchase.

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