Downloading ASM2500 for Windows

Download the ASM 2500 self extracting self installing .exe. Prior to running the .exe you will need the password which can be obtained by email or telephone.


A full featured evaluation can be run on Windows with or without a hardware key. We can lock to your network card's MAC Address.

Example Email

Dear Hagai,

I would like to evaluate your ASM 2500W program.
Please send me the unzipping password and temporary key
strings for my machine.

I got my hostid by running the hostinfo.exe program.

hostid = 0x6924116d0300

Thanks much,

John Boy  
International Harvesting and IC Design
10087 Champion Way Bldg 43
Topeka Kansas 09323
Tel (450) 132-2213  Fax (450) 132-2113

Files to Download

ASM 2500/W is a self extracting file using a password and you will need to obtain this password from Artwork via email prior to installing it.

dxf2pg629.exe   v6.29 11/12/99 5.4 MB



v1.38 6.59 MB

PG Sort is not part of the ASM 2500 license but is a useful program for those who wish to optimize the performance of the pattern generator.

Getting the Computer's HostID



138 KB

Run this utility to determine your machine's hostid. Email the hostid to Artwork with your request for keycodes.




467 KB PDF



216 KB PDF



467 KB PDF



311 KB PDF

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